Menora Sunshine Pack

We have over 100 children in families currently being cared for by Menora and would like to give each of them the gift of a Menora Sunshine Pack.

We are asking all of our beautiful community to please consider sponsoring a Menora Sunshine Pack so that, like your children, our recipients can enjoy a happy and joy-filled Chag. Each pack costs $35 but its value is so much more. Your $35 will also buy a smile and a sense of belonging.

If you have children, this is your opportunity to twin them with kids in the community who will benefit from a helping hand. Please consider the beautiful mitzvah of donating a pack in your child’s honour this Chanukah. It’s a gesture that will truly bring smiles to so many little faces.

To sponsor a Menora Sunshine Pack, please complete the donation form below. Your donation is tax deductible.